Stone Powers

Stone Powers
Agate Strength, Courage, Longevity, Gardening, Love, Healing, Protection
Alexandrite Love, Luck
Alum Protection
Aluminum Mental Abilities, Travel, Image Magic
Amazonite Gambling, Success
Amber Luck, Healing, Strength, Protection, Beauty, Love
Amethyst Dreams, Overcoming Alcohlism, Healing, Psychism, Peace, Love, Protection Against Thieves, Courage, Happiness
Ametrine Clarity, Strength, Grounding
Angelite Enhancing, Balancing, Psychism
Antimony Protection
Apache Tear Protection, Luck
Aquamarine Psychism, Peace, Courage, Purification
Asbestos Protection
Aventurine Mental Powers, Eyesight, Gambling, Money, Peace, Healing, Luck
Azeztulite Protection, Energy, Enlightening
Azurite Psychism, Dreams, Divination, Healing
Banded Agate Strength, Courage
Beryl Psychism, Healing, Love, Energy, Anti-Gossip
Bloodstone Halting Bleeding, Healing, Victory, Courage, Wealth, Strength, Power, Legal Matters, Business, Invisibility, Agriculture
Blue Wild Horse Jasper Healing, Relaxation, Stress Reduction
Boji Stones Power, Protection, Healing, Balancing Energies
Botswana Agate Endurance, Stamina, Protection, Strength
Brass Protection, Money, Healing
Cacoxinite Harmony
Calcite Spirituality, Centering, Peace, Love, Healing, Purification, Money, Protection, Energy
Carnelian Protection, Peace, Eloquence, Healing, Courage, Sexual Energy
Cat's Eye Wealth, Beauty, Gambling, Protection, Healing
Celestite Compassion, Eloquence, Healing
Chalcedony Peace, Anti-Nightmare, Travel, Protection, Lactation, Luck
Charoite Energy, Purity, Enhancing, Clarity, Protection
Chrysocolla Peace, Wisdom, Love
Chrysoprase Happiness, Luck, Success, Friendship, Protection, Healing, Money
Citrine Anti-Nightmare, Protection, Psychism
Coal Money
Copper Energy Direction, Healing, Luck, Love, Protection, Money
Coral Healing, Regulating Menstruation, Agriculture, Protection, Peace, Wisdom
Covellite Intuition, Healing, Clarity
Cross Stone Elemental Magic, Elemental Power, Luck
Danburite Communication, Stimulation
Diamond Spirituality, Sexual Dysfunction, Protection, Courage, Peace, Reconciliation, Healing, Strength
Emerald Love, Money, Mental Powers, Psychism, Protection, Exorcism, Eyesight
Eye Agate Insight, Perception, Clarity, Relaxation
Flint Protection, Healing, Divination
Fluorite Mental Powers
Fossils Elemental Power, Past-Life Regression, Protection, Longevity
Garnet Healing, Protection, Strength
Geodes Meditation, Fertility, Childbirth
Gold Power, Healing, Protection, Wisdom, Money, Success, Male Sexual Dysfunction
Goldstone Relaxtion, Refreshing
Hawk's-Eye Perception, Insight, Strength, Self-Confidence, Courage, Creativity
Hematite Healing, Grounding, Divination
Herkimer Diamond Energy, Luck, Balance, Strength
Holey Stones Protection, Anti-Nightmare, Health, Psychism, Eyesight
Howlite Luck
Iron Protection, Defensive Magic, Strength, Healing, Grounding, Return of Stolen Goods
Jade Love, Healing, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Gardening, Prosperity, Money
Jadeite Enhancing, Understanding, Grounding
Jasper Healing, Protection, Health, Beauty
Jet Protection, Anti-Nightmare, Luck, Divination, Health
Kunzite Relaxtion, Peace, Grounding
Kyanite Psychic opening, lucid dreaming
Labradorite Creativity, Strength, Vitality, Courage, Clarity, Endurance, Spiritual Focus, Intelligence, Purpose
Lace Agate Anit-Depression, Emotional Stability, Relaxtion
Lapis Lazuli Healing, Joy, Love, Fidelity, Psychism, Protection, Courage
Larimar Energy, Relaxation, Wisdom
Lava Protection
Lead Protection, Defensive Magic, Divination
Lepidolite Peace, Spirituality, Luck, Protection, Anti-Nightmare, Psychism, Love
Lodestone Power, Healing, Attraction, Friendship, Love, Fidelity, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Will, Protection, Business, Money, Games of Chance
Malachite Power, Protection, Love, Peace, Buisness Success
Marble Protection, Success
Merlinite Enhancing, Pyschicism, Harmoney
Mica Divination, Protection
Moldavite Evolution, Spiritual Growth
Moonstone Love, Divination, Psychism, Sleep, Gardening, Protection, Youth, Dieting
Moss Agate Gardening, Money, Luck, Healing, Longevity
Mother-Of-Pearl Protection, Wealth
Nebula Stone Vitalty, Grounding, Emotional Stability
Obsidian Protection, Grounding, Divination, Peace
Olivine Money, Protection, Love, Luck
Onyx Protection, Defensive Magic, Reducing Sexual Desires
Opal Astral Projection, Psychism, Beauty, Money, Luck, Power
Pearl Love, Money, Protection, Luck
Peridot Protection, Health, Wealth, Sleep
Petrified Wood Longevity, Past-Life Regression, Healing, Protection
Pietersite Energy, Purity, Strength, Endurance, Enhancing
Prasiolite Strength, Unity, Prosperity
Pumice Easing Childbirth, Banishment, Protection
Pyrite Money, Divination, Luck
Quartz Protection, Healing, Psychism, Power, Lacation
Rhodocrosite Love, Energy, Peace
Rhodonite Peace, Anti-Confusion
Ruby Wealth, Protection, Power, Joy, Anti-Nightmare
Rutilated Quartz Strength, Detoxification, Balance, Regeneration
Salt Protection, Grounding, Money, Purification
Sapphire Love, Money, Psychism, Meditation, Peace, Defensive Magic, Healing, Power
Sard Love, Protection, Courage, Facilitation Childbirth
Sardonyx Protection, Courage, Marital Happiness, Eloquence, Peace, Luck
Schalenblende Concentration, Attunement, Self-Esteem
Selenite Reconciliation, Energy
Seraphunite Enlightenment, Healing, Harmonym Communication
Serpentine Protection, Lactation
Silver Invocation, Love, Psychism, Dreams, Peace, Protection, Travel, Money
Smithsonite Soothing, Relaxationm, Accepting
Sodalite Healing, Peace, Meditation, Wisdom
Sphene Mental Powers, Spirituality
Spinel Energy, Money
Staurolite Protection, Health, Money, Elemental Powers
Steel Protection, Anti-Nightmare, Healing
Striped Jasper Money, Protection, Healing
Strombolite Relaxing, Clarity, Awareness
Sugilite Psychism, Spirituality, Healing, Wisdom
Sunstone Protection, Energy, Health, Sexual Energy
Tanzanite Awakening, Wisdom, Communication
Tektite Protection, Astral Projection
Tiger's-Eye Money, Protection, Courage, Energy, Luck, Divination
Tin Divination, Luck, Money
Topaz Protection, Healing, Weight Loss, Money, Love
Tourmaline Love, Money, Friendship, Business, Health, Peace, Energy, Courage, Astral Projection
Turquoise Courage, Money, Protection, Love, Friendship, Luck, Healing
Unakite Healing, Love, Grounding
Zincite High Energy
Zircon Protection, Beauty, Love, Peace, Sexual Energy, Healing, Anti-Theft

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