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Faerie get-togethers, Halloweens, Vernal Equinox Masquerade, 

Summer Luau, Birthday Parties, and Faux Proms



Random Parties, Birthdays & Whatnot

Halloween 1999

Vernal Equinox Masquerade 2000

Luau 2000





Random Parties, Birthdays & Whatnot


                Bridget's Birthday Party

Johnny & me (Bridget's Party)


Willy Adam, Carla, Eric Erik & Julie hugging Heather pregnant with Emma


Adam sleeping at the top of the stairs Willy and Rain (puppy love) {Carla on right}


Bridget's birthday Willy in the summer


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Halloween 1999


Couch Picture Couch Picture continued


Chrissy Chrissy's Back Byron Sonja


   Julie & Michelle              Kristina & Kate             Julie
 Willy & Rain  Elise, Lyndsay, Carla



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Vernal Equinox Masquerade

(Please dress for Spring)


And She Did...

(Kate & her sister Amy)



Julie, Eric, me, Adam

Julie, Elise, Adam



Johnny & Dave

Moe, Tiff, Julie




Nathan, me, Johnny, Jeannie, Dave


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Luau 2000


Carla, me, Julie

Julie, me, Lyndsay


 Elliot, Matty, Andy     

   Julie, Me, Carla, Bridget, Lyndsay








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