The Fairy Tea Room


Fairies: Fairies are playful creatures of nature. They live either in the garden or woods. They come in wide variety, and are best recognized by their tinkle bell laughter. Your best chance to see a fairy will most likely be in the fairy tea room, for fairies will always show up for a tea party!   Adults often see the fairies as butterflies - you see, you have seen them! - but children see the fairies. Fairies often ride on dragonflies and dance from petal to petal throughout the day, then tuck their heads and curl up beneath a leaf to sleep.

Fairy Tea Party: There is nothing so gracious and charming as a fairy tea party!   Fairies will gather for a tea party at any time of the day or night, just so long as they can tea party!  They feast on all manner of fairy food and drink all dressed  in their finest fairy dust and spider web glitter.

Never been to a fairy tea party?   You MUST!

Lady Patricia's tearoom is located in an old antique store in Las Vegas, Nevada.
She works by appointment only, as fairies do love to have tea parties and space is limited.
The tearoom is a Victorian Tea Parlour where she gives teas for all occasions.
The Fairy Tea is her newest theme, and is fairy magical!

two fairy sisters whispering fairy dust secrets!



stardust, moonlight and fairy tea

Oh, the wonders of a gazing ball!  What do YOU see?

Located in an old antique store called The Red Rooster Antique and Gift Mall
1109 Western Ave. 89102, Las Vegas, Nevada.  

If you plan on being in the area...

E-mail Lady Patricia and make reservations to attend the next Queen's Tea,
where Fiona, Queen of All of Ireland and the Little People is always a special guest!



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